Understand How Wire Mesh Products Are Classified

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The mesh count, wire diameter, and micron rating will determine the flow rate of a woven wire mesh product. Review the manner in which wire mesh products are classified. Then, order mesh products that are equipped for the sifting tasks being performed at your place of business.

Woven Wire Mesh

Woven wire mesh is commonly used in filtration and separation processes. A mesh panel contains wire pieces that form a grid like design. As a liquid or dry mixture is poured through a mesh panel, the screen will separate materials.

Metal that is non-corrosive is used to construct mesh panels that will be exposed to moisture. 

Mesh Count

The mesh count is the number of openings that are located throughout each inch of mesh fabric. This number affects the flow rate of the materials being sifted. It also determines which particles will pass through the screening process and which ones will be blocked from passing through the mesh fabric.

The openings in a mesh panel are uniform in size. Wire strands that are woven horizontally and vertically separate each opening within a mesh panel.

Wire Diameter

The wire diameter refers to how thick each wire strand is. The thickness affects how large the openings in a panel are. The thickness also affects how durable a mesh panel is. A series of thin wires make mesh somewhat flexible. A series of thicker wires make mesh rigid.

The rigidity of a mesh panel is important. If a sifting process is going to be used to separate coarse aggregates, for instance, a mesh panel that contains thick wires will be needed for the sifting application. The thick wires will be able to withstand heavy weight. A rigid mesh product is suited for extensive use. A more flexible mesh product should be reserved for light duty sifting applications.

Micron Rating

The micron rating is the distance between the wires that comprise a mesh panel. The micron rating identifies the size of each opening within a mesh product. 

Custom Orders

Custom wire mesh products may be needed for various industrial tasks that will be conducted in a manufacturing setting or during a field application.

When ordering custom mesh products, you should review the metal materials that a mesh supplier feature. After selecting a metal material, determine the mesh count, wire diameter, and micron rating that will perform well for the sifting tasks that are going to be conducted at your facility.

For more information, contact a custom woven wire mesh manufacturer. 


28 June 2023

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