Is Acrylic Printing Right For Your Project?

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Acrylic printing services can help customers produce a high-quality product with nearly photographic results. It is excellent for use in a wide range of applications, and it's frequently used in signage, displays, wall art, and outdoor advertisements. You might wonder if acrylic printing is right for your purposes so here's how to answer the question.

Photographic Quality 

One of the main attractions of acrylic products is that a company can deliver photographic quality. Many other printing techniques accomplish this with a bit of trickery. For example, screen prints usually use stippling to create a mixture of colored dots that will fool the eye into seeing a particular color. Acrylic printing services firms don't need this sort of trickery because the color process provides a smooth gradient between shades and colors. Consequently, the product ends up with smooth imagery that's hard to match, especially at scale.


Unsurprisingly, color is another big selling point. If you have imagery that mixes many colors, you want the mixture to be as highly reproducible as possible between prints. Even if you're doing vector art rather than raster art or photography, excellent color reproduction is right for projects where you have to get the color codes perfect. If you're trying to maintain brand standards on signs, for example, acrylic printing will ensure that you can't miss the exact color code for your brand's identity.


Acrylic products also are highly durable. Not only is it resistant to weathering, but it holds up well to prolonged UV exposure. A printing company can add a protective coating to further enhance the product's durability, too. Especially if you're going to deploy signs or posters in areas with lots of exposure, pollution, or traffic, you'll be thrilled with how well the product will hold up over months or even years.


Most companies in the business use recycled acrylic sheets. The produce is highly recyclable. Not only is this better for the environment, but it minimizes waste on a per-unit basis.


Layers of acrylic give an image a greater sense of dimensionality. If you want a photographic image to pop even more than it would with a high-end photo printing process, the acrylic material's depth is a great way to bring out the features. With a little design planning, you can even create a sense of depth of field, reproducing the performance of a camera lens.


10 April 2023

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