Keys To Purchasing A Rotary Table For Metalworking Operations

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One of the more important tools used in metalworking today is a rotary table. Its basic job is to position materials at certain angles so that you can cut or drill them in a precise way. If you're planning to purchase one for your shop, take these steps.

Decide Between a Manual and Automatic Variety  

You can find a lot of different rotary tables designed in different ways today. A major way they can vary is how they move. You have manual rotary tables that require an operator to adjust them and then the automatic variety, which is controlled by advanced software.

If you need to perform basic metalworking and want to avoid spending a lot of money, the manual variety would be a good choice. Whereas if you're trying to cut or drill materials in a dynamic way, it might be better to use a rotary table with an automatic design. 

 Make Sure Table Moves Smoothly

You're probably going to manipulate a rotary table in many different ways when performing various metalworking operations with materials and because of this, you need to verify this table can move smoothly each time.

Not only is this going to help you get better fabrication results it's going to prolong the lifespan of this table. It shouldn't experience any type of friction whether you decide to move it vertically or horizontally. You can review rotary table movement by testing out different models in person or looking at movement details from manufacturers that made these solutions. 

Account For Corrosion 

You don't want your rotary table to be susceptible to corrosion because if it was, it's not going to move great or hold up a long time. For this reason, you want to account for corrosion in the beginning and you can by purchasing a rotary table that's made from the right materials.

Make sure the metal materials that this table is made up of are corrosion-resistant. Then it won't matter what your metalworking environment is like; you won't have to deal with corrosion on a regular basis and thus worry about the condition of this table.

If you want to fabricate metals in a refined manner, whether it's cutting or drilling, then one of the best instruments you could invest in is a rotary table. You can find a lot of models made in different ways, but you won't struggle to make a definitive choice if you come in focused as a metalworker. 


4 August 2022

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