2 Reasons To Buy Custom Molded Rubber Seals

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While you can often find generic molded rubber products to fit on parts and products, you can also order custom seals. In some cases, you get a better all-around solution by placing a custom order. Here are two of the advantages of customization:

1. Get An Exact Fit 

Fit is a key factor when you buy rubber seals. Seals need to make a close connection to their parts. For example, they might need to connect two pieces together or create a watertight or airtight seal on pipework.

If a seal isn't exactly the right size, then it won't work effectively. If it is even the slightest bit too large, then it can't form a strong seal; if it is the slightest bit too small, then it might break under the pressure of trying to fit and stay on too big a connection.

If you order custom rubber seals, then you get an exact fit. You get the opportunity to set the terms on the correct size for the seal. This way products you get can fit better and work more effectively for longer.

2. Customize Seal Characteristics

In some cases, the fit of a seal isn't the only factor under consideration. You might also need to think about how the seal copes under external factors such as temperature, stress, movement, and exposure to different substances.

For example, if your seals will be exposed to sub-zero temperatures, then you need some built-in resistance to cold. If a seal can't cope with extreme cold, then it might harden and become brittle. It is more likely to break early if it loses its natural flexibility.

Or, your seals might be exposed to movement or force stresses. A regular width seal might not be thick enough or strong enough to hold the seal together in these circumstances. They might simply move out of position or snap under pressure.

If you use custom seals, then you have some input into the seal's materials and composition. You can choose the right rubber mix for the seal's application, position, and environmental factors. You can make sure that the rubber's composition gives it extra protection against friction or abrasion.

Plus, if you need a thicker or thinner seal than the norm, then you can change width and depth to exactly suit your needs. You can even color-code seals to make part identification and fitting simpler.

For more information and guidance on seal customization, contact custom molded rubber products manufacturers or suppliers.


9 February 2022

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