Top Signs You Should Use A Urethane Roller Instead Of A Rubber Roller

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If you are looking for a roller to use with your equipment, then you might be looking at options that are made from natural rubber. In the past, you might have always used rubber rollers with great success. However, there are other types of rollers that you can use in a commercial or industrial setting, such as urethane rollers. In fact, there are some situations when urethane rollers are a better choice. These are a few examples of situations when you may want to acquire a urethane roller instead of a rubber roller.

You're Looking for a Cheaper Option

If price is an issue when you're purchasing rollers for your business, then you may want to check out urethane options. In many cases, urethane rollers are more affordable than natural rubber rollers. Of course, cost does depend on things like the size of the roller that you purchase, no matter what material it's made from.

You're Worried About Staining

If you are going to be working with products that could be stained, then you should know that the color from rubber can sometimes rub off onto the surface that it comes in contact with. This might be a concern for you when using rubber rollers. However, if you're worried about staining your products or items, then you should feel safe using urethane rollers instead.

Your Roller Will Come in Contact With Abrasive Surfaces

There might be times when you will need to use your roller on abrasive surfaces. With natural rubber rollers, you have to worry about them becoming dented and damaged if you do this. However, urethane rollers are better able to withstand abrasive surfaces.

Your Roller Will Be Exposed to Chemicals

If you are going to be exposing your rollers to chemicals, or if you are planning on cleaning your rollers with harsh chemicals, then you should think about how the roller itself might be damaged by the chemicals that you use. Many harsh chemicals can eat away at rubber, which could destroy your rubber roller. Urethane, on the other hand, is more resistant to these harsh chemicals.

You're Looking for Long-Lasting Rollers

When you purchase rollers for use in your business, you will probably want to purchase rollers that will last for a long time. Overall, you will probably find that urethane rollers will last for much longer than rubber rollers. Not only will this help your business save money, but it will help you reduce downtime due to your parts lasting well in the long run.

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1 December 2021

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