Why You Should Replace Your Industrial Crane Even When It Is Less Than Ten Years Old

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Industrial cranes do a lot of heavy lifting in the factories every day. When you first get your industrial cranes, they will work beautifully. As the years go by, you may notice that they need more frequent repairs, or that they are slower and more difficult to control. The cranes should be replaced even when they are less than a decade old, and here is why.

Older Industrial Cranes Are Not Meant to Last

​You can attempt to extend the life of your plant's cranes as much as you want, but the truth is that the older industrial cranes are not meant to last. They work well when new, but then they need constant upkeep and fresh parts to keep working beyond the ten-year mark. Additionally, newer, better cranes come out on the market with more regularity, putting the old cranes out of business.

​Technology Makes the Newer Cranes Better

​The technology used to design and build newer cranes makes them even better. Industrial cranes are now programmable, which means you can set their program to do very specific tasks over and over again, without faltering, and without dropping anything. You also do not need someone to man the controls when the cranes are on auto-pilot.

Parts Are Harder and Harder to Find

​Industrial cranes are not exactly a refurbished item that are sold off to other factories. Instead, they are typically disassembled, melted down, and transformed into something newer. That means that your current industrial cranes (when you replace them) are not likely to be broken down for parts or sold as-is, but are more likely to be sold for metal scrap to a third party. If you do not replace your cranes, the parts for them will become harder and harder to find.

​Some Crane Manufacturers Offer a Trade-in Program

​To sweeten the deal and update your industrial cranes in your plant, some crane manufacturers will offer a trade-in program. You buy their newest cranes and have them installed in your plant, and the manufacturers will take the old cranes to a recycling plant while providing you with a nice discount. It is a win-win for everyone really, because the old cranes will not be troubling you anymore, the new cranes are installed and working well, you got a big discount to buy industrial crane replacements, and the manufacturer still made a profit on the cranes they sold to you.


7 January 2019

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