What A Brother Index Machine Can Do

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Index machines, also known as spindle machines, have several applications. A Brother Index machine is one such machine. It has almost twenty different preloaded accessories to accomplish various industrial machining tasks. The following parts, accessories and what they can do are just some examples.

The Spindle Itself

Index/spindle machines are so named for the giant rotating tool head. All the way around the tool head, there are slots where tools are installed. The tool head holds onto them tightly as each tool is selected for a specific job and completes that job. No tool is ever lost and you can always swap out tools for other tools that you have purchased.

Drill Bits and Boring

Every kind of drill bit and boring instrument you can imagine is available for an index/spindle machine. Use one boring tool to create a two-inch wide cut in a block of steel, then use a corkscrew drill bit to drill through the side of the block of steel at a ninety-degree angle, all while remaining hands-free of the machine. Just about any holes of any size, smooth or threaded and ready for screws or bolts, can be bored if your tool head is loaded with the tools you need.


You already have a spindle tool head at your disposal in this machine, but the great thing is, the spindle head can double as a lathe. When you need to carve something cylindrical, you pop it onto a center post in the spindle head and let another component carve the predesigned pattern into the metal, plastic or wood. With absolute speed and accuracy (because of the computer programming within the machine) the cylindrical material is forged into the product the client or consumer has requested. After the lathe feature is used, you can try some of the router tools to smooth edges and make them less sharp to the touch. You may be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Router Tools

Router tools help shape the objects on which you are working. They soften sharp edges and rough textures on everything from plastic to steel. You can program the index/spindle machine to hold any router tool in any spot on the spindle tool head, and then all you have to do is punch in the number on the keypad of the router tool you want to use and the spindle head and router tool to do the rest.

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26 January 2017

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