Looking For Storage Options For Wind Or Solar Powered Electricity? A Few Reasons To Use Used Forklift Batteries

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If you have decided to start creating your own electricity, with either a wind turbine or solar panels, you are going to need some way to store some of that electricity when you are producing more than you are using. While it is possible to connect to the power company and sell them all your unused power, you should still keep some type of storage facility on the premises for those times when even the power company goes down. One option for a storage bank involves using used forklift batteries. Here are just a few reasons this is a good option.  


While used batteries are not always a good idea, forklift batteries are heavy-duty and industrial-strength enough to still be usable after being used. Contact companies that you know use forklifts on a regular basis and ask if they have any used batteries around. You can ask to see them, and check each of the cells with a voltmeter and hydrometer. You may want to buy two batteries and use one for replacement cells as the other's go bad. Even buying two will cut the cost down.


Fork lift batteries are huge; they can weigh 1,000 pounds or more. You will not need as many of them in your storage bank as would be needed with smaller ones. The expected lifespan of batteries is based upon how many time it can be refilled. Since larger batteries hold more, they empty slower and do not need to be refilled as often. This means they will last longer and have to be replaced less frequently, ultimately saving you money.


A big part of the maintenance required with batteries is keeping the cells filled with water. In a large, fork lift battery, there are fewer cells because they are so large. It is much easier to go into the storage bank area and check the 20 to 40 cells on large batteries than it is to check 100 to 200 cells on smaller ones. Not only are there fewer to check, but being able to see into larger ones is much easier than the smaller ones.

Even if you decided on going with wind or solar energy to save the environment, you still want to save money with it. Since one of the big expenses for the system is the storage bank batteries, consider buying used fork lift batteries to meet your needs. You'll save money and keep the batteries from ending up in a landfill somewhere. For more information, talk to a professional like U.S. Lift & Warehouse Equipment Inc.


7 October 2016

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