Dams 101: 4 Common Reasons For Repair

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A dam is a barrier designed to hold and store water, which is then used to create electricity or usable water. In general, these massive barriers work well to create usable energy. However, when an issue occurs, dam repair becomes an urgent matter. If not fixed quickly, issues within the dam may cause it to fail—and that is not only expensive, it's also dangerous.

So what are the most common reasons for dam repair? Here are four:

1. Water Overflow

When water overflows the dam (also known as overtopping), severe issues may occur. The pressure from the water can cause cracking in the foundation and along the walls of the dam. It can also cause the spillway of the dam to completely fail. Unfortunately, overtopping cannot be prevented. However, quick treatment can prevent the dam from failing.

2. Water Penetration

Another common reason for dam repair is water penetration. Over time, water may begin to penetrate through the dam and cause serious issues. Once water has penetrated the dam, it may actually begin to erode it from the inside out. This issue can be severe, as the water can essentially eat holes into the dam, which makes it a lot more susceptible to cracks. Fortunately, this can often be fixed by removing the water within the walls of dam and switching out the pipes.

3. Foundation Issues

Issues within the foundation of the dam are another common reason for dam repair. Over time, the dam may begin to shift under the weight of the water. It might also crack or warp. If left untreated, foundation issues may cause the entire dam to fail. So it is important to address this issue quickly, so that the dam remains usable and safe.

4. Poor Maintenance

Finally, poor maintenance may also lead to a dam needing repairs. Without routine maintenance and upkeep, the dam may fail. So it is important that the dam is routinely checked for cracks, slopes, and obstructions. If any of these are found, they should be attended to immediately to prevent a catastrophic failure.

As you can see, there are many reasons a dam might need to be repaired. Fortunately, if attended to quickly these issues won't cause serious or long-lasting problems. So if you believe you have a dam issue—or you aren't sure—you should contact a dam repair professional immediately. These professionals will examine your dam and fix any issues that might be present. To learn more, visit a website like http://www.tluckey.com.


17 July 2016

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