Signs That Your Warehouse Has An Electrical Wiring Problem

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Have you noticed that the power cords to some of the equipment in your warehouse look as though they have been chewed up? It is possible that there are rodents in your warehouse, and you might need to invest in getting the electrical wiring in the building repaired. In this article, you will learn about some of the possible things that can happen when there is damaged electrical wiring in a building.

1. Equipment Sometimes Stop Working

If your warehouse equipment sometimes briefly stops working and come back on, it might be due to an electrical wiring problem. The wiring problem could be restricted to a single area in the warehouse, or it might be all through the building. You can get a general idea as to whether there is faulty wiring in the room where the malfunctioning equipment is located by inspecting the outlet covers. Make sure the outlet covers are not showing signs of overheated wires, such as being discolored or melted. The rodents that possibly chewed up the power cords may have destroyed the wires in the wall as well.

2. Lights Suddenly Go Dim

Lights that suddenly begin to go dim are one of the signs of an electrical wiring problem. If you know that the bulbs are not old or about to go out, the lights in your warehouse should never go dim. Sometimes having too many pieces of electrical equipment running at once can lead to the lights briefly going dim. However, if you notice dimming on a regular basis and all throughout the day, there can be damaged wires running through the ceilings. You must keep in mind that a prompt inspection by an electrician is necessary because your warehouse can catch on fire if there is any faulty wiring.

3. Circuit Breakers Trip More Than Usual

The circuit breakers in your warehouse should not be tripping on a regular basis. There are several things that can cause the breakers to trip, including an electrical panel with an insufficient amount of amps, faulty equipment, as well as overheated and frayed wires. If the electrical panel is the root of the problem, you may only need to get it upgraded to handle the power demands of your warehouse equipment. You should stop using faulty equipment if it causes the circuit breakers to trip, as it can cause a fire in your warehouse. Talk to a commercial electrician like one from ABC Electric Co about the chewed-up power cords in your warehouse so he or she can do inspection and make any necessary electrical repairs. 


22 May 2016

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