A Close Look At The Not-So-Obvious Signs Of Driveshaft Problems In Your Vehicle

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The drive shaft of your car or truck likely gets little attention, but is part of what makes your vehicle able to move at all. The drive shaft consists of a system of components that translates the power your engine provides into power to push your vehicle by moving the wheels. Most people will have no idea that their drive shaft is failing until one day their vehicle will just no longer go at all. It is always best if you can catch on to problems with your vehicle's drive shaft in advance. Here are a few of the sneaky signs that you should know which could indicate imminent drive shaft problems. 

Symptom: Your wheels seem to hesitate when you turn your vehicle.

One of the telltale indicators that drive shafts are starting to fail is a car that seems to hesitate when the driver makes a turn. The hesitation could be worse when you are making super tight turns, such as when parking in a slim parking spot. If you spot even a mild hesitation when you make a turn, make sure you have your drive shaft checked out by a professional, as this could easily be the problem. 

Symptom: Shaking and trembling beneath your feet. 

When drive shafts first start to wear out, it causes a small amount of instability in the entire drive train of your vehicle. At first, the instability will be more difficult to pin down, as it usually just shows up as a mild vibration or trembling that seems to be radiating from the floorboard. You may try to relate the problem to bad tires or something else. However, if the problem seems to worsen when you accelerate, make turns, or take curves, it could be problems with a drive shaft. 

Symptom: The universal joints beneath your car are showing signs of wear.

The universal joints are actually what connects your drive shafts to your vehicle. Therefore, signs of damage or just wear and tear will often show here first. Unfortunately, in order to see the wear and tear first hand, you will have to make your way beneath your vehicle. If the universal joints of your vehicle look like they are rusty, deteriorating or otherwise damaged, it is a good sign that you also have damage to a drive shaft. You could go ahead and just have the universal joints replaced, but it is best to have the drive shafts looked at in the process. Contact a company like Billings Machine & Welding Shop Inc for more information.


23 April 2016

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