4 Tips To Help Pull A Deep Well Pump For Inspection, Repairs Or Replacement

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If you rely on a water well, keeping up with the maintenance of your well equipment is important. If it's a jet type well pump, this can be a pretty simple task, but your pump is exposed to the elements and cold weather. Submersible pumps are a good solution to protect pumps and keep them out of the way, but they also require care when pulling them for repairs or inspection. Here are some tips to help you pull your submersible pump without doing any damage to the components:

1. Turning Off The Power And Gathering A Few Basic Tools To Pull The Pump

Before you get started with the chore of pulling your pump, you will want to make sure that that power is off on all the equipment. You may have a switch for the pump that needs to be turned off, or it may need to be shut off at the breaker. You will also want to have some basic tools, such as a T-tool to pull the pump, wire strippers for repairing wires, and pliers and screwdrivers for removing fasteners. It is also a good idea to have some wire connectors and electrical tape for small repairs.

2. Removing The Cap And Loosening The Collar

You will also want to remove the cap of the well, which is usually just a top that covers the casing. Insider the well there is going to be a collar that holds everything in place. This needs to be removed, so you can begin pulling the pump. Use the T-tool to remove the collar to start pulling the pump out of the well.

3. Carefully Removing The Well And Not Crimping Pipe Or Damaging Wires

When you begin to pull the pump out of the well, it is deep in the bottom of the well. You will begin by pulling the pipe and wire out, which can easily be damaged and crimped. It is best to have someone help you and pull the length of pipe out carefully. You can use a roller to help you keep the pipe from bending too much as you pull it out of the well.

4. Inspecting Wiring And Doing Improvements To Prevent Problems

As you pull the pump up, the pipe can damage wires that are too loose. This is something that you may want to fix as you pull the pump out of the well. You can use electrical tape to fasten the wiring to the pipe every few feet. This will help to prevent frays in the wires that can cause short circuits and damage the pump. It will also help to prevent wires from moving around in the casing when the pump comes on.

These are some tips that will help you pull your pump without doing any damage to the components of your well system. If you need help with repairs or replacement of your pump, contact a deep well pump contractor such as David Cannon Well Drilling to help you with your well system.


16 March 2016

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