3 Benefits Provided By Powder Coating Your Rims

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One of the more interesting alternatives to painting the rims on your vehicle is to utilize powder coating, mostly because powder coating offers substantial benefits when compared with traditional paint. To powder coat your rims, you would spray ground resins and pigments onto a metal surface, then heat those resins and pigments until they melt and become an even coating on the surface of the metal. Listed below are three benefits provided by powder coating.


The biggest benefit offered by powder coating is that it is much more resilient than paint, which means that your rims will be able to take much more punishment before you begin to notice damage. With traditional paint, an impact can easily lead to scratches and chips in your paint. However, a powder coated rim will be more likely to make it through an impact without any damage.

In addition, a powder coated item will retain its color and vibrancy for much longer than most types of paint. This is because the powder coating is not as susceptible to fading over time.


Another benefit of powder coating is that it does give you the largest variety of options when it comes to selecting colors and patterns for your rims. Not only will powder coating be able to supply you with all of the colors that traditional paint does, but it can offer a wide variety of finishes as well. For example, the finish can include high gloss, fluorescent, clear, and even glitter finishes to help you personalize your rims as much as possible. 

In addition, powder coating will also allow you to add texture to your rims if you like. One of the big benefits provided by texture powder coating is that it can often be used to hide or cover up any damage or imperfections on your rims.

Environmentally Friendly

Finally, powder coating is a great choice if you want to be as environmentally friendly as possible because the process does not require solvents. With other types of paint and finishes, solvents that contain volatile compounds are used during the painting process and those compounds can be released into the air. These compounds can then proceed to pollute the air. 

Contact a company like AFI Powder Coating Inc in order to discuss the many benefits provided by utilizing powder coating for your vehicle and your rims. Powder coating is an environmentally safe alternative to painting that can provide you with a durable, long-lasting, and versatile method for customizing your rims.


4 February 2016

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