3 Things To Look For When Ordering Custom Safety Signs For Your Plant

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If you are in charge of the operations in a processing plant, you probably understand the importance of safety signage. Safety signs can help you alert employees to dangerous substances and situations, can ensure that your factory is compliant with all safety and workplace laws and can help reduce liability and prevent lawsuits. You can purchase custom signs that will work perfectly for your company's needs, but you will need to order them from the right sign company. These are a few things that you should look for when ordering custom safety signs for your manufacturing plant.

1. Ensure They are OSHA-Compliant

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration has some guidelines in place for safety signs for factories and other dangerous workplaces. For example, some signs are required to come in a certain size, color and design and cannot be customized. Your best bet is to work with a sign company that is accustomed with making signs for safety purposes in factories. These signs companies should know which signs are required to come in certain sizes and designs and should be able to help you choose signs that will keep your employees safe while also being OSHA-compliant. This will help prevent you from dealing with fines, shut-downs and other issues that can go along with not abiding by OSHA's rules.

2. Look for Bright Colors and Designs

Other than the signs that must be kept a certain way to abide by OSHA's standards, you may want some leeway with the colors and designs that will be used on the signs in your place of business. Look for a sign company that offers a host of colors and designs and that will create signs based off of your designs. You can ask to see templates and samples of the company's work to get an idea of the look that you can expect.

3. Insist on Durability

In your manufacturing plant, there's a chance that your signs will be in contact with heat, cold temperatures, debris, grease, heavy equipment and more. Therefore, you will need to look for durable, heavy-duty signs that come with a warranty and that are guaranteed to stand up to these conditions. Otherwise, you will find yourself replacing these signs more often than you ever meant to.

As you can see, there are a few things that you should look for when ordering custom safety signs for your plant. If you look for these three things, you can help ensure that you order the right signage for your company's needs. Contact a company like Snyder Signs Inc to get started.


26 August 2015

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