Want To Go Into The Welding Industry? 4 Different Types Of Welding Jobs

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If you want to go into the welding industry, you should learn the different types of jobs you can do before you start your training. Below is some information about four different types to help you make the right decision.

Underwater Welding

Underwater welding, also known as hyperbaric welding, can be an exciting career if you like water. The welder may actually be underwater or they may be underwater in an enclosed, dry area, such as a positive pressure enclosure. If you choose this type of welding, you will likely work on pipelines, ships, or offshore oil platforms.  Because you will be working underwater, you will need to train to be a diver first.

To do this job you will wear a diving suit, as well as specialized equipment that can be used in wet environments. The most common technique used with this type of welding is arc welding.

Brazers and Solderers

You also have the option to do brazing and soldering instead of actual welding. When a welder uses a melting pot, the temperatures are very high. As a solder or a brazer, however, you will be working at lower temperatures. You will use the solder or brazer to join pieces of metal together. You will likely work in the plumbing industry welding plumbing pipes together. You may also work in the manufacturing industry, doing work like attaching computer chips to circuit boards, or you may repair electrical devices.


A cutter is another choice you have in the welding industry. In most cases, you will use a torch cutter to cut or trim metal pieces. You may also choose to use be a cutting machine operator to cut the metal. In most cases, if you work as a cutter, you will dismantle large objects, such as cars or trucks, ships, and maybe even an airplane. When you finish cutting these objects, the metal pieces are often taken to a recycling center so the metal can be reused into different products.

Specialized Welder

You may also choose to be a specialized welder. For example, you may work at a museum to create support for statues or other objects to sit on. If you choose this type of welding, you will likely work with a museum curator or the actual artist. When welding in this field, it is important that you learn specialized skills. For example, you need to make sure the structure is strong enough to hold the art, statue, etc.

These are just some of the welding jobs you will find. Talk with current welders, like http://www.suburbanweldingandsteel.com, about other types of work, as these people are a great source of information.


3 April 2015

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