How To Prevent Conveyor Breakdowns In Your Factory

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If your factory setting is like many, then you probably rely on conveyor systems for many of your industrial processes. This could mean that you are constantly spending money and time to keep your conveyor systems in good condition, but this isn't a necessity. If you follow a few simple maintenance tips, you're sure to find that the conveyor systems in your factory will last a lot longer with a lot fewer problems.

Keep the Conveyor Belt Clean

The easiest yet most effective means of keeping your conveyor system in good condition is to keep the conveyor belt clean. Keep a multi-purpose cleaner and a bucket of rags or paper towels close to the conveyor system, and instruct employees to use them any time that there is a spill. Also, include cleaning the conveyor belt multiple times per day into the daily routine of the job. It only takes a few minutes to wipe a conveyor belt down, but doing so can help prevent sticky messes, binding of the belt and other serious issues.

Keep the Moving Parts Lubricated

When your conveyor system is working properly, you might not think about inspecting it very often. However, it's critical to carefully look over the system and add lubrication as needed. As the moving parts work hard throughout the day, they can begin to wear out. Without proper lubrication, they can become damaged and overworn, which can lead to premature issues. Luckily, industrial lubricant can be purchased at a hardware store and only takes a minute to apply, and it can prevent many different problems.

Follow the Maintenance Schedule

Your conveyor system should have come with an owner's manual, which includes critical information about maintaining it. Following this schedule is important to keep it in good condition and maintain the system's warranty, so make sure that you follow it closely. For example, you may need to change out the filters and re-tighten screws and other parts on a regular basis. Make sure that you take the time to follow this schedule to prevent future breakdowns and to ensure that the manufacturer pays for any major repairs that might be needed.

Conveyor breakdowns can cause a lot of problems for your factory, including the cost of repairs and loss of production. Luckily, there are ways to prevent these issues. Follow these tips, and you should be able to use your conveyor systems daily without worrying about breakdowns. For assistance, talk to a professional like A-1 Conveyor Service.


2 February 2015

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